Vitadote® Shilajit, the natural health supplement

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Shilajit has two core components – fulvic and humic acid, which have an abundance of minerals alone. Satisfying your essential mineral intake has never been easier! 


Experience a fast post-workout recovery while increasing your stamina. Allowing you to reach peak performances without sacrificing your levels of vitamin and mineral absorption. 


An effective solution for many skin related problems! Both selenium and zinc have been proven to be an excellent treatment for acne, aging skin, and wrinkle reduction.

Step #1 - Dose

Use the spatula to take the recommended dosage from the jar

Step #2 - Dissolve

Dissolve in hot non-chlorinated water, herbal tea or hot milk and drink. May also be dissolved under the tongue

Step 3 - Enjoy the benefits

To achieve optimal results, we recommend using Shilajit Resin regularly

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