Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 Infection Using Shilajit

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Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 Infection Using Shilajit

The Covid - 19 (Coronavirus) has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). While nations struggle to address the immediate risks that this virus poses to humanity, people can play a critical role in the pandemic's suppression.

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The chance of acquiring Covid 19 complications in those with pre-existing conditions such diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory issues increases with age as general immunity deteriorates. Covid 19 can cause a mild infection in young people without underlying medical conditions, but only if you have a robust immune system and avoid harmful habits like smoking or vaping. You can perform the following things to strengthen your immune system.

Boost Immunity by Improve Eating Habits

Your general health and immunity are significantly impacted by the food you eat. Eat low-carbohydrate foods to assist control your blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. A diet limited in carbohydrates will slow the growth of diabetes, whereas a diet high in protein will keep you healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables that are abundant in beta carotene, ascorbic acid, and other vital vitamins frequently. Certain foods, including broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms, can aid in the body's development of infection resistance.

No Sacrifices to Sleep

The best method to support your body's immune system is to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Less sleep can make you drowsy and impair your ability to think clearly. Lack of sleep inhibits the body from falling asleep, affecting other physiological processes that directly impact immunity. Lack of sleep reduces the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

Maintain your Hydration

Consume 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Hydration helps the body remove toxins and lowers the risk of getting the flu. Coconut water and juices from citrus fruits are additional effective sun protection strategies.

Never Miss Exercise

Regular exercise should be combined with a nutritious diet. Remind yourself to exercise frequently; even short sessions will assist the body remove toxins. Exercise for 30 to 45 minutes is advised depending on endurance. If you haven't started exercising yet, now is a terrific time to do so. Using a number of Youtube channels and apps, you can work out at home. Regular physical activity increases metabolism, which is directly related to general health.

Immunity-Boosting Supplements and Foods

Even though the above advice is helpful, your immune system needs a quick boost to stay strong. Consult your doctor about beginning a supplements regimen to support your immune system if you're concerned about getting adequate nutrients from your diet. The following list includes a few well-known vitamins and superfoods that can be beneficial.

Vitamin C

This vitamin C is a vital fighter in the army of the immune system. It helps to ward off the common cold. It functions as an antioxidant and offers defense against damage brought on by oxidative stress. Patients with serious illnesses, such as sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome, have proven that high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy significantly reduces their symptoms (ARDS).

Vitamin D

A smallo amount of protection against respiratory infections is provided by vitamin D supplementation. It's best to discuss taking a Vitamin D supplement with your doctor in order to support your immune system because the majority of individuals are Vitamin D deficient.


WBC (white blood corpuscles) are a type of cell that fight sickness and contain the mineral zinc. People who are zinc deficient are more susceptible to viral infections including the flu, the common cold, and other respiratory ailments. Especially if you're older, taking a zinc supplement is an excellent idea.


Elderberries are rich in proteins, dietary fiber, vitamin A, B, and C, as well as minerals including phosphorus, potassium, iron, and copper. Elderberries have antiviral and antibacterial characteristics that help treat colds and the flu.

Garlic and Turmeric

The vibrant yellow spice turmeric has a substance called curcumin that boosts the immune system. The body's defenses are strengthened by the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects of garlic.


The Himalayas and Siberia's Altai Mountains are two mountain ranges where shilajit, a plant-based tar, oozes through the rocks. Due to its abundance of vitamins, ionic minerals, and fulvic acid, it is one of the most potent herbal medicines for boosting the immune system (a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory).

Shilajit resin has been utilized in Ayurvedic treatment for thousands of years, despite being relatively new to the West. Shilajit and other plant-based products are used with food, exercise, and lifestyle in this traditional medical method to promote optimal mental and physical health.

Shilajit resin provides a number of health advantages, including improved testosterone levels, greater strength, and cognitive advantages. The advantages of Shilajit for the immune system, however, are taking center stage at the moment.


You should consider Shilajit's effectiveness in battling COVID-19 now that you are aware of all the advantages it offers the immune system. As for the Coronavirus, does Shilajit really help?

Unexpectedly, more people are purchasing herbal and Ayurvedic supplements as a preventative strategy to strengthen their immune systems.

Ayurvedic experts have also emphasized the importance of medicinal herbs like Shilajit in boosting the immune system, which is essential in the fight against COVID-19. They recommend using herbs like Amalaki, Guduchi, Neem, Kutki, and Tulsi to bolster the immune system organically.

Shilajit Enhances your Immune System

People naturally look for supplements that will support them in maintaining their health and offering additional protection in these uncertain times. Shilajit is a fantastic addition to your daily regimen because it boosts your immune system and gives you a nutritional boost for greater overall health. To strengthen your immune system and stop the spread of the disease, if you have any symptoms of covid-19 or immune system problem, you should consume a beverage made from Shilajit resin.