Shilajit Resin Enhances your Immune System

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Shilajit improve immune system

There are many natural medications available today for a variety of medical conditions; among these, Pure Shilajit resin is regarded as one of the most potent treatments for boosting the immune system. It's important to note that Pure Shilajit resin has a more potent immune-modulating impact than contemporary, pricey medications.

Human Immune System

The immune system is simply the body's capacity to fend off the consequences of an infection or other outside agents and pathogens. The body's capacity for protection varies according to one's state of health. The individual is encouraged to consume immune modulators when it does (substances that increase the Immune System to a normal level).

Numerous things, such as severe illnesses, poisoning, a dirty environment, bad eating habits, persistent stress, untreated anemia, etc., can contribute to a weakened immune system. To strengthen your immune system and stop the spread of the disease, if you have any of the conditions mentioned above, you should consume a beverage made from Shilajit resin.

Two Fundamental Functions are Performed by the Immune System:

  • T-lymphocytes are produced by a cell-mediated immune system and defend cells from virus invasion.
  • B-lymphocytes, which are made by the human immune system, "devour" phagocytic cells, or cells that the body recognizes as alien.

Immune system correction aims to normalize the body's overall function. The only way to strengthen a compromised immune system is in this way.

Strengthening the Immune System with Shilajit Dosages 


Take 200 milligrams of Shilajit resin in a tablespoon of water every morning on an empty stomach. Do not consume any food for an hour. Take a five-day rest following a 10-day course of therapy. The course should be done again, and Pure Shilajit resin should be taken both at night and in the morning with water. Take a tablespoon of honey and 20 milligrams of Shilajit resin in the evening. According to the first chart, after 10 days, take a 5-day break before starting again.

Deterioration of Immune System 

In a half-liter jar of honey, combine 5 grams of Shilajit resin and thoroughly knead it until it becomes a pasty substance. Take a tablespoon of this material three times a day from the refrigerator. This recipe can also be used to treat children, but if the child is young, the dosage should only be a teaspoon or a half teaspoon every day.

Severe Immune System Deterioration

One tablespoon of honey and pomegranate or plum juice, and one tablespoon of warm (not boiling) water should be added to a glass. After that, mix and shake 200 ml of Shilajit resin, 100 milligrams of black seed oil, and one tablespoon of finely crushed orchid roots. We've prepared your medicine. Consume a half cup twice daily.

Autoimmune Diseases (allergies)

Take 200 milligrams of Shilajit resin dissolved in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. You are allowed to take a break after 10 or 20 days of therapy. Only those who have been using Shilajit resin for a considerable amount of time are advised to keep using it continuously.

Avitaminosis and a Weakened Immune System

Three freshly squeezed lemons' juice should be combined with 100 ml of three-year-old aloe that has been carefully pulverized before 0.5 grams of Shilajit Resin is dissolved in it. The medication typically appears as a slimy material. Three times a day, take a spoonful.

During an Epidemic

You can avoid becoming sick if the seasonal flu is spreading through your area. Three times per day, consume a spoonful of Shilajit resin dissolved in 60 cc of boiling water.

Improve the Elderly's Immune Function

Pure Shilajit resin needs to be dissolved in water until it turns a shade like tea. 2-3 times a day, take 50 mg of the mixture. The elderly should use shilajit resin with caution. The course of medication should be stopped right away if any unfavorable consequences are noticed.

Shilajit has several benefits, but one that is less widely known is its capacity to boost immunity and support immunological function. Shilajit natural exudate is thought to contain a number of minerals and other substances that can defend against some viral infections, according to current studies on the medicinal potential of the herb. Shilajit has been demonstrated to combat and eradicate a number of viruses, including a few HPV types and the herpes virus.