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Himalaya Shilajit Resin and Vitadote pure shilajit Mumijo

2X Shilajit Resin 20g



  • High efficacy, pure and maximum impact with Vitadote® Shilajit Resin (mumijo)

  • All exceptional high-end grade Vitadote® Shilajit Resin benefits

  • Supplied directly from the source (Himalayan and The Altai Mountains)

  • Bottled in special Ultra Violet Glass (blocks out all harmful visible light rays)

Vitadote®’s pure Shilajit Resin / Mumijo is one of a kind among all traditionally manufactured Shilajit and Mumijo. Our exceptional grade Vitadote® Shilajit is genuine, pure, and lab-tested and therefore a High-Quality shilajit resin. 

Our partner Vitadote® from Shilajitmumijo.com uses the latest technology in processing the best organic Shilajit. The lab-tested and HACCP certified pure Shilajit is being supplied from the source (Himalayan and The Altai Mountains), bottled in protected ultraviolet glass, to you directly!

Therefore it remains close to the shilajit resin's state in nature, as well as cleaner and safer than any traditionally manufactured shilajit resin.

Our pure shilajit resin combines all benefits of top Shilajit / Mumijo resins and delivers tremendous health advantages not previously demonstrated by any other high-quality Shilajit or Mumijo

Amounts per serving
Calories 15 - - - - Calories from Fat 0 (%Daily Value) 

Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium   0%
Potassium  50mg 1%
Carbohydrate <1mg 0%
Protein 0%


Fulvic acid * 66.8% Humic acid * 12%
Calcium * 4% Iron *  6%
Magnesium * 3% Zinc * 3%
Manganese *  3% Selenium * 1%

(*Percent Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie diet)

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